3 Contemporary Dance Project

3 Contemporary Dance Project, presented by Refuge Dance Company, features the works of five Atlanta-based choreographers on October 18th (8pm), 19th (8pm), and 20th (4pm) at Refuge Dance Academy Theater.

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $12 for Students and Seniors and are on sale now at our online store

Our 2019 Choreographers:

  • Dana Woodruff (Friday and Saturday)
  • Jacquelyn Pritz (Friday and Sunday)
  • Katherine Gant (All three shows)
  • Olivia Rowe (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Riley Cooper (Friday and Saturday)

Here is a word from each choreographer about the work they will be presenting...

Riley Cooper: My piece lives to honor families and individuals who, for various reasons, have had to seek other places to call “home” and find themselves hovering between two worlds. Beautiful, traditional Bosnian music is sprinkled throughout, in dedication to the family of one of the dancers whose story serves as inspiration for this piece.

Olivia Rowe: “‘Virago’ is a word meaning a strong, brave, or warlike woman. These women discover relief in enduring together, coming together in strength and harmony— not rivalry.”

Dana Woodruff: “The title of the piece is- Dichotomies. It’s based on a Robert Frost poem called Bond and Free. The dancers represent various aspects of freedom, restriction, devotion, and disengagement. There is an interplay between love as a means for securing and binding and the “freedom” of thought.”

Jacquelyn Pritz: “This piece will be an eclectic combination of contemporary, jazz, and swing dance themed around the impact of Coca Cola’s marketing efforts during WWII in the United States. I am furthering my research on the “working woman” during this time period as well as expanding my focus to include a major consumer brand and its effects on American culture. Clarity in the time-period and narrative is important in my choreography as I like to play with the balance of literal and abstract. I appreciate quirky and athletic movement favoring strength over grace, a different type of beauty and skill that isn’t always seen on stage but evident in our bodies.”

Katherine Gant: “This new piece is a fun look at all the “baggage” we carry in life. How it effects us and others, how we try to cope, or hide from it and ultimately how sometimes we endure hidden hardships that we can’t carry alone.”

Refuge Dance Company will also be presenting “Silver Boxes”, one of their signature works focusing on encouraging words.