• Select a Venue

    Refuge Dance Company has pieces that can be adapted to fit virtually any space. The only absolute necessities are a clean, safe space to dance and adequate lighting. The ideal space would be one of the following:

    • A theater with a stage that is at least 40’ wide by 25’ deep
    • A large, flat church stage with industrial carpet or wood floor
    • An outdoor venue with a clean and stable stage
  • Schedule a Date

    Our calendar and budget for a performance is usually as flexible as our dancers, but we do try to book performances at least 4 to 6 weeks before the performance date to allow for appropriate promotion of the event.

    Please contact our Executive Director David Gant directly if you would like to reserve a specific date.

  • Promote the Event

    Refuge will provide you with the promotional materials you will need to promote the show. Once the date and venue are booked, we will meet with you to put together a marketing plan. Potential marketing materials include:

    • Posters
    • Flyers/Postcards
    • Press Release Templates
    • Promotional Videos
    • Graphics